Portable Toilet Pros has wonderful customer support in North Providence and strives to provide clean, comfortable porta potties. We’re a national business that offers portable toilets to North Providence, RI and our services expand outside of North Providence for the benefit of our consumers.


Portable Toilet Pros is more than happy to deliver your portable toilets to anywhere in Rhode Island. Call 888-345-7093 to speak to one of our friendly sales associates who can help you get the portable toilets you need for any party or large event. We’re eager to rent you spotless, well-serviced porta pottys.

Selecting a Business with Excellent Customer Support

Even though many individuals believe all portable toilets are the same, they aren’t all the same quality and don’t have all of the same capabilities. Here at Portable Toilet Pros we promise that every porta potty you rent from us in Rhode Island will meet and exceed your highest expectations for sanitation and quality. We always place the consumer before our own organization, even if that means we do not make as much money. Do not be discouraged by the fact that we’re located in North Providence because our flexible hours and helpful personnel will deliver porta pottys anywhere in North Providence, STATE]]. All of the portable toilets we rent are inspected for quality assurance and protection before they are transported to you, and Portable Toilet Pros will always keep any porta pottys we rent in Rhode Island in excellent condition. Whether you are in need of porta potties for a single event or for recurring reasons, we will follow our rental arrangement truthfully. Portable Toilet Pros understands lots of people don’t appreciate having to use portable toilets so we always try to remember that every time we make a delivery. If you are in need of portable toilets for any place in Rhode Island, make sure you contact our sales representatives at 888-345-7093. We’ll help you every step of the way, from choosing the porta potties that are right for you, to setting up hassle-free delivery. Our associates are eager to give you the best prices on portable toilets that we can offer with out sacrificing quality. Do not let terrible porta pottys be the primary topic of discussion at your social gathering. Instead let your guests enjoy your event the way you want them to. Contact 888-345-7093 to rent your porta potties from Portable Toilet Pros, and you’ll surely have no regrets. Your company will be surprised at how much effort you have put into selecting the right portable toilets for the occasion.

North Providence, RI Regulations for Portable Toilet Sanitation

Portable Toilet Pros is very rigorous about following the sanitary specifications and guidelines regarding the standard of porta potties in North Providence. In accordance with North Providence specifications, our portable toilets feature toilet seats which are no more than 17” from the ground, and a front surface area of 30” by 48”. We also follow all accessibility standards by giving you a full 60” of turning area within each portable toilet. Even the sink basins in each unit are up to code with a depth of 6.5”. We offer quite a few extra features on our porta potties, and they all follow current Rhode Island regulations. Dial 888-345-7093 to find out more regarding the various components and specifications of our portable toilets in North Providence,RI. The ADA has specific Internal Placement and Design Regulations concerning porta potties. Here at Portable Toilet Pros, our porta potties never fail to meet these guidelines. Our porta potty doorways were created to swing away from the unrestricted space on the floor according to ADA regulations. The forward reach into the inside should be 48” with a side reach of 54”. Any obstacles must be under 24”. Our portable toilets feature hand washing basins which are no higher than 34”. At least one grab bar with a diameter between 1.25” and 1.5” is set up in every portable toilet and is 1.5” from the toilet or wall. The hand rails must be put 36” from the floor. There are standards with respect to the location of the toilet paper too. It is located 19” above ground level. Portable Toilet Pros knows very well the value of these requirements. We stringently comply with them precisely. Our Rhode Island clients know they can depend on us for safe porta potties that satisfy all portable toilet specifications. If you would like to learn more about our portable toilet specifications, you can give us a call at 888-345-7093. The typical specifications discussed here are offered with every unit, but we have many other features which may better meet your requirements. Our diverse choice of portable toilets can satisfy a number of purposes. We offer portable toilets that are ideal for any occasion in North Providence, RI.

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